Why People Love Our Memory Foam Mattresses

The secret to a refreshing night’s sleep begins with the correct mattress.

At Zinus Malaysia, we understand that the secret to a refreshing night’s sleep begins with the correct mattress. And, the invention of the memory foam mattress has revolutionised the way we sleep. The memory foam mattress provides a fusion of support, comfort, and durability. Find out why people love our memory foam mattresses across the country.

What is Memory Foam?

What’s the fuss about memory foam? This wonder was initially created for NASA for its high energy absorbency. It then made its way to other products like cushioning for helmets and prosthetics in medicine. They used viscoelastic, which is soft, flexible, and responds to pressure and heat. Imagine being hugged by these qualities while sleeping!

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

Before we discuss why we have the best memory foam mattress in Malaysia, let’s learn about its benefits. Memory foam mattresses excel in body-hugging comfort. They instantly mould to your shape for perfect support in all sleeping positions. The even distribution of weight assists in several ways, including helping to maintain spine alignment. Are you a stomach, back or side sleeper? Well, memory foam is beneficial for all positions.

Couples also favour it because it absorbs motion, minimising disturbances from your partner’s movements. The viscoelastic material alleviates back and neck pain by guaranteeing a neutral spine position. It also has hypoallergenic properties by repelling mould, mildew, dust mites, and pet dander.

The newer models promote better airflow for cooler temperatures, inducing a relaxed sleep. You can now choose from various densities to meet your comfort needs. The high-grade materials guarantee a just-right firmness that doesn’t sag over time. This advantage is due to the innovative open-cell structure of the memory foam mattress.

The Best Memory Foam Mattresses at Zinus

At Zinus, we have a variety of memory foam mattresses at different levels. They vary in thickness and firmness, ranging from 8" to 10", and the firmness levels are from one to ten. Our mattresses have an innovative fusion of comfort and technology tailored for a restful night's sleep.

Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

The first therapeutic mattress from our selection is the Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress. This one is known for its body-conforming firmness. You and your partner will have a peaceful night's sleep with no motion transfer. The refreshing green tea infusion that combats odours and bacteria is a hallmark of this mattress.

Tri-Fold Cool Gel Mattress

You’ll love our mattresses for their cool comfort and unmatched flexibility. The Tri-Fold Cool Gel Mattress does just that with its thermo-regulating gel for peaceful slumber. Its foldable design adds versatility to your lifestyle. This mattress stabilises your body temperature at night and hugs your shape for a pain-free morning. Move it or store it with ease.

UltraCool Gel with Air-Flow Technology and Supercool Orthopaedic Plus

Do you need much cooler temperatures at night than the average person? The UltraCool Gel with Air-Flow Technology and Supercool Orthopedic Plus mattress incorporate cooling gel so you don’t feel so hot at night. The Supercool Orthopedic Plus provides added orthopaedic support for back relief with its memory and Comfort Compact foam.

Orthopaedic Pro and Supreme

Our 100% natural latex in our Orthopaedic Pro with back relief and Orthopaedic Supreme with back relief mattresses is antimicrobial. This natural tendency fights odours and bacteria for a clean sleep. It offers pressure-relieving support, ensuring a refreshing night's rest. Again, infused green tea in the Supreme shines by fighting off bad smells associated with bacteria.

Sleep with Confidence

Choose Zinus mattresses for safety and peace of mind. We rigorously test our products to guarantee they're well below the critical radon safety levels. This scrutiny safeguards against certain cancers. Each mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, meeting stringent durability, emissions, and environmental stewardship standards. Enjoy a decade of assurance with our 10-year limited warranty, except for the Tri-fold Cool Gel mattress, which carries a 5-year warranty.

Zinus offers a revolutionary sleep experience with our memory foam mattresses in Malaysia. They’re designed for ultimate comfort, support, and durability. Furthermore, they're known for their safety measures and substantial warranty. The nation has embraced this innovation, which transforms restful nights. Our mattresses are the beloved choice for rejuvenating sleep.

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