The Right Mattress in Malaysia for Each Sleeping Position

The level of firmness of a mattress can affect the support it provides, but the level of support also depends on other factors, such as your sleeping position, weight, and personal preferences.

While mattresses of different firmness levels can offer support, the degree of support you require may vary depending on your sleeping position. For instance, if you're a side sleeper, a softer mattress may be more comfortable and offer better pressure relief. On the other hand, if you're a back or stomach sleeper, a firmer mattress may be more appropriate to prevent your spine from sinking and causing discomfort.

With so many aspects to consider, choosing the perfect mattress in Malaysia can be overwhelming, but it's crucial for getting a good night's sleep. 

Here's how you can select the perfect mattress for your sleeping position.

Back Sleepers

Back sleeping benefits those with chronic neck and/or back pain as it helps keep the spine aligned throughout the night. If you're a back sleeper, look for a mattress with enough firmness and support to prevent further pain or discomfort in these areas while still providing cushioning around pressure points such as hips or shoulders.

back sleeper on zinus mattress
Invest in latex mattresses to evenly distribute your body weight and provide pressure relief
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Latex foam mattresses are a great choice as they offer contouring support without compromising the firmness needed for back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping can cause issues due to improper spine alignment, which can lead to neck and shoulder pain. For stomach sleepers in Malaysia, we recommend a medium-firm mattress as it provides just enough cushioning while still offering enough support to prevent sinking too deeply into the bed at night. Hybrid mattresses, which combine coils and memory foams, are a great choice here, as they offer both comfort and support.

Side Sleepers

The most common sleeping position is on one's side, which can be beneficial for alleviating back pain. If you're a side sleeper, look for a mattress that provides adequate support and cushioning to prevent pressure points from forming along your body.

side sleeper on zinus mattress
Consider your sleep position before purchasing a mattress!
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Memory foam mattresses are ideal, as they conform to your body's shape and provide extra cushioning where it's needed most.

At Zinus Malaysia, we offer quality spring+hybrid and memory foam mattresses designed to cater to all types of sleepers, including those who like to sleep on their side. Our Zinus UltraCool Gel With Air-Flow Technology Zero Motion Transfer Memory Foam Mattress 10" offers superior comfort with Cooling Gel beads to disperse heat and Air-flow technology for added breathability. It also features comfort foam and three inches of transition foam for enhanced motion isolation.

Zinus mattresses provides not just comfort, but bounce and breathability too.
Source: Zinus

Getting a good night's rest is essential for maintaining good health, but finding the right mattress can be tricky. The key is finding one that provides both comfort and support while allowing easy movement during the night without causing any discomfort or disruption in sleep quality. If you are searching for a new mattress in Malaysia, then Zinus is the ideal choice for you!

Whichever kind of sleeper you are, we at Zinus Malaysia have got you covered with our range of quality mattresses! Our mattresses provide superior comfort with advanced cooling technologies that help keep your temperature regulated even during warmer nights.

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